Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time and Seasons

Almost nine months have passed, and Boo has kept her word to continue to inspire. She has students who adore her. One young girl, in particular, recognizes a kindred spirit in the mare's soul. They would spend days this summer in each other's company, bareback, saddled, haltered, bridled, wandering over the farm, free and totally in the moment. Boo is expert finding these people to share her journey, taking them on her broad back to worlds of possibility and dreams.

I hate to bring her home to the quiet life here. The boys will become dizzy with her energy, they who have few challenges in their retired life. I am hoping Boo's new friend will come visit her, perhaps ride her, for Boo will be sorely missing her herd and her kids.

She has taken me away from those annoying musts and shoulds and provided me with 'I will' s and yesses. She has never gotten ahead of me, but pulls me along with her, her eyes huge and open, ready for her doddering old mother. We've trail ridden, jumped, played and been least, she has made me happy!.

We are looking for a young girl like Libby, who will join in Boo's adventures, tell her secrets and braid her forelock and tail. I so long to be that young girl for Boo.

Perhaps she will be my path to renewal and joy, able to see past my wrinkles and regrets to a soul waiting to fly free!