Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Chestnut Mare speaks - channelling

The most recent post told the tale of Boo's designer talents. She had clearly been watching HGTV, as her rennovation ideas have proved to be logical and simply practical.

Well, she has been working on us for a long time to record and share her story, and, by her actions and situations, has provided ample material. The horse who made the wanna-be writer into a writer. What a concept!

Four chapters are drafted as of this post. There are at least four more in the works. The form of the final version is still evolving, but could go several ways. One would be the simple tales ( 'Boo Stories'). Another would be the tales interspersed with lessons this amazing creature has taught us, or insights to the art of riding and horsemanship. Or, it could be a wonderful childrens' book, complete with a Breyer model....

We are certain Boo will give us the direction she wants!


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