Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ads space is purchased, logo has been completed, copy has been written for articles, and the push is on to grow Clear Vision Equine into the successful business we know it can be.

From the first 'lightbulb' last summer, we have been on a singular track to make this idea work. It is a unique one and has the potential to make a very positive difference in the lives of any rider who subscribes to our services. Not limited in the geographical sense, CVE is global in scope yet as intimate as an intense one-on-one private riding lesson in the client's backyard.

We seek to provide affordable constructive critiques and suggestions to those riders who choose to work their horses on their own, are cutting back on expenses, are wanting to deepen their relationship with their horses, might be working through a particular training issue, or simply want another perspective. Our eye for detail is excellent and we have a lifetime of experience on which to draw. We have a teacher's need to share knowledge, to see our clients grow as riders!

Critiques include both work on the flat and over fences. We will comment on the rider's position and how it affects the horse's way of going, suggest exercises for both horse and rider to improve their partnership, discuss the benefits of gymnastics, use of equipment, and strategies for a smoothly jumped course or successfully ridden lower level dressage test. We encourage a free flow of questions and feedback throughout the process, so our clients are not limited to our completed final reports. We are dedicated to our clients and seek to provide as much support as they deem necessary, including referrals to other trainers.

Clients may subscribe to packets of 3, 5 or 10, in DVD form or good quality YouTube video. This allows clients to receive timely follow up from us and most importantly, to have a record of their progress.

We, in turn, will critique each submission via email, or, if preferred, via hard copy. We pledge to be available, via email, to clients for the duration of the specific service.

Contact, pricing information and other services are available at

Look for our advertisements in upcoming issues of Equine Journal, Horseman's Yankee Peddlar and Creatures Corner News (VT, NY, MA region).

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