Friday, December 26, 2008

Peaceful Christmas

The horses didn't much like the flax cookies in their noontime Christmas mash, but they gobbled down the warm beet pulp, rolled oats and carrots, gave us a nuzzle and wandered into a sun patch to vacuum up their hay.

Contentment, the theme of the day's celebration, with a healthy dose of gratitude and peace thrown in the mix. We absorbed the music, the light, food and companionship and felt full. However, a tiny insistent voice, like an oily flax cookie, burped its way into our conciousness occasionally with a reminder that things might be very different next year. We acknowledged its message, and continued to enjoy every golden moment.

For the first time in our adult lifetime, we were able to hold on to the positive perspective we had created around us. The joy of creating, for its own sake, a festive living room, complete with a perfect tree and small homey vignettes reminiscent of the Cape and of Scotland welcomed Doug and Rob to share the gift with us. Candles, sparkling ornaments and warm eyes - how wonderful to be a part of this magic!

But, what of the voice? We remarked over soup Christmas Eve that things would be different next year, not through a wish for it to be so, but that our collective lives would be changing. Whether for good or otherwise, our familiar pattern, established over the years, would shift in perspective and urgency. Priorities would be changing, our spiritual cameras refocussing.

Ominous? Decidedly no. More of an acceptance of things, of challenges yet un -named, and of our place in the greater scheme of things.

We can 'blame' the horses for this sense of solidity. They have been our guides on this journey, they have put our feet firmly on the ground. With gentle breaths or whitely rolled eyes, quick feet or langorous grazing, they are doing their part to lead us to the inevitable changes to come.

We trust them because they have led us through a multitude of changes to this point of growing strength and wonder.

Bless all. Peace to all. May your feet feel the ground.


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