Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And what about this inevitable direction Boo has steered us in? Why is it relevant, other than being a nice story about a charismatic mare?

It is relevant because she has filled in major gaps in our humanity, made connections we were either too lazy or clueless to make for ourselves. She has challenged our native passivity, demanding decisions and committment. To this day, the challenge continues, as we struggle to break through the remaining barriers to our fulfillment and self-realization. We are realizing the depths of her influence on us and on our view of the world around us.

Our book, Dimensions, is to be an exploration of these depths as they apply to the art of horsemanship. In other words, one could see this exercise as a testament to our horses as teachers. Body awareness, biomechanics, riding techniques, moral responsibilities to horses and to our fellow humans, psychological issues, both human and equine, all are part and parcel of the larger picture.

There is a reason the 'natural horsemanship' movement has come to the forefront in current equine lore. There is a reason Klaus Balkenhol, Christian Carde, Gerd Heuschmann and Jean Claude Racinet are following their convictions, often to closed minds. A return to classical principles is the rallying call, principles which are not limited to the dressage arena, but apply to all equestrian disciplines.

And to all aspects of human development.

We seek to break down and demonstrate what we, as horsemen, can do to allow our horses to retain their essential being and spirit. And, we seek to apply the same to our fellow humans, as well.

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