Sunday, November 2, 2008

What we do.

2 November 2008

A little about what we do - (the editorial 'we 'is something 'we' aren't too comfortable with yet, so it may depart).

We have been a long-time instructor, primarily in the hunter/jumper realm, but with a fair share of classical and classically-based moden dressage. We have experience in CT and starting horses using Vaquero methods. All that makes sense seems more and more grounded in the traditions of the Cadre Noir, Spanish Riding School, and the Iberian peninsula. As we open a door, there seem to be many more, and who knows where this journey will take us?

We offer instruction on a freelance basis as well as digitally, and teach out of several barns in the MA,VT,NY corner. Digital lessons allow for a wider scope of exposure. Our goal, regardless of the level of rider, is to promote a real, connected and feeling partnership with the horse, where the rider's position becomes fluid, balanced and quiet in order to permit the horse to perform at its most expressive best.

Our methods are eclectic in nature, giving us the flexibility to adapt to individual needs of both horse and rider. "Balanced seat", "Centered Riding*", forward seat, dressage seat, Western seat - indeed, jockey seat! - all developed for specific needs. It is our firm belief that the fundamental premise of all these diverse labels remains the same, that of allowing free movement and expression of the horse. A rider's power and balance centers must match those of his/her mount, regardless of the discipline.

The journey we are on has taken us to learn from many masters and many knowledgeable horsemen and women. We fully expect this path to continue, and are open to any comments and discussions from those with serious and sincere intentions.

Our website is We encourage you to peruse it - it will be changing soon, with up-dated prices, additional information and links.

*-Sally Swift. See her books "Centered Riding" and "Centered Riding II" for a good, basic introduction to a rider's effect on her horse.

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