Thursday, December 24, 2009

As the World Turns...

...And time passes into winter, sleeping around us.

This Christmas Eve, a few days past the Solstice, we listened with rapt joy to the annual BBC broadcast of 'Nine Lessons and Carols' from King's Chapel at Cambridge. The timeless story of Jesus' birth spoken in the King's English and illustrated by exquisite music sung by the boys and men of the choir. The carols, some very familiar, some less so, and one new, resonated with eternal tones, what we'd describe as the sound of the Universe on its journey through the Vastness, tapping into our deepest soul. Peace was found there, and Joy, as the heart expanded with a warmth and stillness absent for some months now. Moments in that time to be cherished, the renewal and redemption of a sometimes flagging Spirit to be held close with wonder and gratitude.

The year has been a difficult one on many levels. Rusty, returning to the Earth beneath his cairn, is free from the turmoil which swirls above him, as are all who have passed through before us. Slowly, the Wise Ones move to a happier place, there free from the 'mortal coil' which seems to tighten around our world in ever increasing darkness. We are shaken by their loss as we are all in sore need of their collective Guidance.

When we mourn the dimming of the Light from our world, we feel anger and fear. We react to those who would seek smother our nation and burden our bodies with strife and economic slavery first with confusion and hand wringing. We gather and speak. Our voices, whispers to start, are becoming stronger as we reconnect to Truths which have been the foundation of what is the best in humanity. The light cannot be hidden for long; indeed, it grows stronger daily as the battle continues on it's ever-changing balance of power.

And the Wisdom of the Universe is there for us to feel, for it lives within our souls, as it has for Eternity. It is time to contribute Truth to the discourse of mankind: to restore Light to the shadows, to demand Balance to those who seek to overthrow, to refresh what has grown stale and to rediscover our true place in this Creation.

This season of Light is our beacon. Its our chance to grab hold of what matters for it resides within reach and must not be lost. To let it do so would negate our place in the Universe. We alone as humans lack the Wisdom to comprehend or rule all around us.

Seek Beauty, Stillness and Truth with Humility. Lift up; do not stoop. Give Joy and Strength.

Celebrate Life.

Merry Christmas.


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Merry Christmas


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